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It All Starts with Communication

Your business is running smoothly, but what if there were a way to save money, work with advanced telecommunications and internet cabling technologies, and make it easier for your employees to do their jobs?

At Neltech Communications, we provide a cost-effective independent review of your current telecommunications and offer you simple solutions that cater to your business needs. Our fibre optic cabling, telephone, installation, and support services keep the communications side of your business running smoothly.

Let us Help you Work Smarter

Scale your business with ease

Discover telephone solutions to support your needs

Save money on your main communication platforms

Reduce reliance on paid staff with automated attendants

Grow Your Business Safely

There have been a lot of technological advances in the communications space recently, and many businesses are working with outdated technologies that could cause network interruptions and severe delays. At Neltech Communications, we have a singular goal:

to provide custom solutions and local support to keep your business profitable, and running smoothly.

Our Communications Services

Grow your business with modern and futureproof telephone and cabling solutions

VOIP (Cloud Services)

Get improved voice quality and a fast, stable phone connection at a better price.


Audio-conference room

Automated attendant to handle multiple calls at once

Easily transfer and manage calls

Telephone Systems

Give your employees a custom phone number and manage local and international calls with ease.



System programming

Systems relocations


Computer Cabling

Our structured cabling solutions keep you connected reliably and efficiently.


Structured data cabling in UTP and STP

Fibre optic cabling



We offer maintenance on all phones and data accessories that we install.


DECT cordless technology

Cordless headsets



Why Choose Us?

Because you deserve futureproof communication systems


At Neltech Communications, we’ve been providing communication systems for NZ enterprises for over 25 years. Our company is founded on the vision of providing customised solutions and local support. We can’t wait to hear how we can help you grow.


Make business moves with confidence, save money on custom communications systems, and set your business up for the road to success with smart communications solutions. Let us analyse where you’re at and where you could be going.


During our complimentary consultation, we’ll uncover your pain points and deliver a custom telephone or cabling solution that will actually work for you. And because we’re independent agents, we’ll provide honest suggestions to get your team running smoothly.


We’ve experienced significant savings and big improvements in our business flow. It’s a very user-friendly system with good local support. The installation and setup was a very efficient and smooth process that limited downtime. We found Neltech very supportive and helpful and nothing was to much trouble.

Jessica Liddell
Russels Curtains and Blinds

Neltech is a great team to work with, they do a great job and are very helpful. It’s particularly useful being able to look up incoming and outgoing calls, as well as being able to push a button on my phone and have all my calls transferred to my mobile.

Katrina Ridden
Pitt & Moore

The savings were the main driver to move to the VOIP system, so it was a huge benefit. We’ve worked with Neltech for a long time so we knew the level of service they could provide. Doug was very informative on how it should work and how we maintain the system and change numbers because we run an on-call system as well. It was all very seamless.

Josh Roberts
Glenn Roberts Electrical

The phone system is only part of what they do for us. They are fantastic, when it comes to installation and setup, being in hospitality means we’re operating 24/7 and Neltech always meets our needs, often within difficult time frames. They’re very good at a whole multitude of things and when there’s a problem, they’ll just work their way through it, they don’t involve me they just solve it for us and advise us of the outcome.

Garry Munro
Trailways/The Hotel Nelson

We’ve had substantial savings since we’ve moved over, so that’s been brilliant and it was a very painless, well organised move, it was probably the easiest technical move I’ve ever had. We have extended the system to include our new office in Wellington and every year we also go over to Wellington for the WoW show, so we just unplug our phones and plug them in at the TSB Arena. No one knows that we’ve moved.

Sioned Winterton
World of WearableArt
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